Student Dream is a non-profit organization launched by Howard University graduate Nena Ugwuomo, and it may be just what the technology world needs to increase its diversity.

Currently, as reported by BET, there is a lack of Blacks and Latinos at tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and "only one in 14 technology workers are Black or Latino." That's pretty dismal.

With Student Dream, Ugwuomo aims to educate college students about creating their own start-ups. "I wanted to fill this gap with Student Dream and it really being an ongoing accelerator [and] incubator that really trains undeserved college students — specifically Black and Latino college students on how to launch just the most innovative, high impact start-ups in the world,” she told BET.

On its website, Student Dream explains that they've "created programs and events that give you the start-up skills, mentorship, and connections needed to punch fear in the face, body slam confusion, and turn your idea into a company." Students can sign up for bootcamp-style sessions that are led by seasoned entrepreneurs, web designers and more. And, they can apply for tech tours that showcase what start-up communities around the world look like.

For students (especially minorities) who want to create their own start-up, this organization seems like it can turn your dream into a reality.