WATCH: College Guy Eats Loudly, Pranks Students in Library
(Credit: YouTube)

There are a few annoying things that happen when you're trying to study in your college library:

1) Someone is talking too loud.

2) Someone is breathing too loud.

3) Someone is EATING too loud.

If a person does any of these three things (especially No. 3) in a library that's SUPPOSED to be quiet so other students can actually focus and get sh*t done, that person should at the very least expect some deadly eye glares.

Well, this guy got a few glares but mostly laughs when he decided to obnoxiously eat his food in his college library, shocking and bothering other students nearby.

It's just a prank, but seriously, it's pretty gross. The first food item he eats is an open watermelon; he grabs a junk of the juicy fruit with his hands, making a mess and a slurping noise as he stuffs his face. This makes the girls at his table giggle, but just watch as he loudly chews chips behind this one girl -- her face is priceless.

[h/t BroBible]