"Don't do it alone," Sheryl Sandberg told Elite Daily. In fact, this is her most important piece of advice for college-aged women.

Sandberg, who is Facebook's COO, preached the importance of empowering women, encouraging them to unite to support one another in order to achieve gender equality in the future. This is also the goal of Sanberg's Lean In movement, which aims to instill confidence in women so they can achieve their dreams.

One way the organization does this is by coordinating Lean In Circles, where small groups of women can meet regularly and benefit from peer support.

"No one accomplishes anything alone and I think that’s why Lean In Circles are so powerful [for women]," she explained. "There are so many pressures on women – get good grades, but make sure you’re still cute; show your leadership skills, but don’t be too bossy; have opinions, but don’t make it so that people dislike you – that without friends or peer circles who know explicitly what you’re talking about, our goals, voices and dreams are treated as subordinate to men’s."

In Los Angeles, there are circles and chapters at USC, but none at UCLA yet. However, students are encouraged to start their own circles and chapters on their campuses.

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