Parking in Los Angeles is a pain in the you-know-what and not just because it's hard to find a space, but because trying to read the sign is like trying to solve a riddle. Often times, the signs are so confusing (like this one here) that you accidentally park somewhere you're not supposed to, which sucks because now you're stuck with a $63 ticket.

But thankfully, change may be coming.

Councilman Paul Krekorian proposed an idea for new, easier-to-read parking signs. LA Weekly reports Krekorian's "grid-styled" signs will be part of a pilot program that the City Council has to approve.

LACurbed reports City Council's Transportation Committee voted to test the new, simpler design over the next 45 days.

Krekorian told LA Weekly:

"Everyone who drives in this city has had to deal with deciphering our confusing and complex parking signs. I don't want parking to be a guessing game where people worry about getting ticketed because they can't easily tell what the restrictions are and when they are in effect. You shouldn't need the Rosetta Stone to park in Los Angeles. My motion proposes that the city create new, grid-style parking signs that provide more useful information that is both simple and obvious to everyone."