Using a shared bathroom is one of the many college experiences most freshmen have to endure. At times, it can be uncomfortable and down right disgusting, but new research suggests the perhaps there is one positive that comes with using a communal bathroom: it's the perfect place to make friends!

Science of Us reports college students are more likely to meet other students in a shared bathroom, which often leads to friendships. This is according to a study from the British Journal of Social Psychology that examined 462 university residents:

"Respondents living in flats with design features that encouraged the use of communal areas – a shared common area and an absence of ensuite toilets – reported unintentionally meeting their flatmates more frequently within their flats. This in turn predicted the initial strength of their interpersonal bonds with their flatmates, which in turn positively predicted their well-being."

So, the next time you're in the bathroom and need the person in the stall next to you to share some of that toilet paper, strike up a conversation. You never know: your chance bathroom encounter could lead to the greatest friendship of all time.