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No more basic costumes, please.

Oh, Halloween. As the famous Mean Girls quote goes, this holiday “is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut, and no other girls can say anything about it."

Although this saying is oh-so true—especially for women in college—wouldn’t it be a nice change to see gals (and guys) dress up in more original costumes this year, with creative and elaborate makeup? In other words, instead of the typical “Sexy Kitty” costumes that require little-to-no effort, it’s time for college students to step up their Halloween costume game and go all out with original, unique and head-turning looks.

If you’re tempted to just throw on some cat ears, wear some lingerie, draw eyeliner whiskers and call it a day, don’t fret: There’s a one-of-a-kind costume and makeup store that not only sells everything you need to achieve an amazing Halloween look, but its experts show you how it’s done as well.

This place is called Cinema Secrets.

Located in Burbank, Cinema Secrets isn’t your typical beauty store, or Halloween store for that matter. Maurice Stein, an Academy Award-winning makeup artist who worked on films such as 1969’s Planet of the Apes, founded it in 1984.

“My father was a makeup artist, and my brother was a makeup artist in the studios,” said Daniel Stein, who is Maurice’s son and the co-owner of Cinema Secrets. “And eventually we just opened to sell makeup and hair supplies to the studios, and it grew from that: We created a cosmetic line and a Halloween line and began wholesaling and manufacturing. Eventually, it started selling all over the world.”

Besides selling top-of-the-line products to the entertainment industry and makeup enthusiasts, Cinema Secrets also lends itself to the medical industry by helping cancer patients and burn victims use makeup to minimize the appearance of scars and discoloration.

But when it comes to planning your Halloween costume or look, Cinema Secrets is your No. 1 destination because of its large array of not only costumes, but also professional makeup: You’ll find foundation, eyeshadow, glitter, lipstick, bald caps, fake blood, prosthetic pieces and more. When you first walk into the store, you may feel a little overwhelmed and perhaps clueless about what to buy for your Halloween costume. That’s when the store’s makeup artists jump in; they love teaching and demonstrating makeup applications to customers who may not know much about the products.

“They really work to break it down and simplify it so that you understand what you’re getting and what you need in order to create a look so that you can go out on Halloween and look like nobody else,” said Stein. “We focus on education and higher-quality items and really teaching our costumers what to do, how to do it—how to get that great look.”

And to help you out even before you step into the store (or if you rather buy your Halloween supplies online), Cinema Secrets created a Halloween makeup guide to help you turn a typical costume into something truly mind-blowing, dazzling and in some cases, extremely frightening!

Zombies have also been great go-to Halloween costumes, and thanks to “The Walking Dead,” we’re probably going to see a lot more of these creepy walkers every year. To make sure you stand out amongst the horde of zombies taking over the dance floors at the costume parties, turn to Cinema Secrets’ Woochie prosthetic line, which features some of the most gruesome, disgusting and realistic pieces you’ll ever find.

Achieve this look with:
Woochie Exhumed or more brains, $48
Pros Aide (or Spirit Gum), $3
Liquid Latex, $4.50
Adhesive Remover, $7.50 (with Spirit Gum combo pack)
Woochie Goth Stack, $10
Bruised Yellow Cream, $5
FX Blood, $6
Blood Gel, $6
Zombie World Zombie Blood Capsules, Price N/A
Trans Powder, $19
Super Sealer Sponges (Stipple), $2-$3.50

If dressing up like a zombie just isn’t your thing, you can create a drop-dead gorgeous look this Halloween by dressing up in “Dia De Los Muertos,” or Day of the Dead, garb. This look is incredibly fun for ladies who love to radiate spooky and sexy at the same with their costumes. Cinema Secrets’ line of eyeshadows and creams will do the trick.

Achieve this look with:
Kryolan Aqua Color #70 (white), Price N/A
CS Ultralucent Powder in Translucent, $19
CS Drag Attack Stack Cream Makeup, $10
CS Shadows: Sexploitation & Cyberpunk, $10 each
Very Black CS Hollywood Lights in Fizz and Purple Rain, $7.50 each
CS Blush in Pink Palladio, $12
Felt Tip Eyeliner, Price N/A
Pen Gem Stickers in Purple and Pink, Price N/A

So what if you’re 18, 19 or 21 years old—you’re never too old to dress up like a Disney Princess on Halloween! Visit any costume website, and you’ll see “Sexy Cinderella,” “Sexy Belle” and yes, even “Sexy Frozen.” Being a “sexy” Disney princess is great, albeit a little disturbing, but make sure you have a face worthy of fairytale royalty as well. Make your face pop with Cinema Secrets’ colorful, glittery, girly makeup—especially try the Hollywood Lights Shimmer and Glitz!

Achieve this look with:
Primer (mostly spray), $28
Foundation in matching shade, $16
Ultralucent powder, $19
Pink blush, $12
Nude Eyeshadow, Cyberpunk Mineral Shadow & Sexploitation Mineral Shadow, $10 each
Opal Hollywood Lights Shimmer, Marilyn Hollywood Lights Glitz, $7.50 each
Cailyn Liner in Black or Black Out Sorme, Price N/A
Carwash Liner, $1
#63 CS gloss, Price N/A
Ardell Lashes in Scanties or #117, Price N/A
Super Sealer, $12

Sometimes your Halloween costume doesn’t require crazy prosthetics or bright makeup; it requires simple glam. If that’s the case, and your costume is something like Marilyn Monroe or a celebrity, you’re going to want to keep the makeup light with a great foundation, blush, lipstick and eyeshadow. In fact, the products for this look are items you’re going to want to use again for a special event, date night or just because! And on a side note, Cinema Secrets’ glam makeup can be used for weddings, red carpet events and more.

Achieve this look with:
Foundation, $16
Powder, $19
Pink or Adobe Blush, $12
Taupe Brow Pencil, $1
Nude, Taupe Shadows, $9.50 each
Lip Kit #1, Price N/A
Sorme White Eye Liner, Price N/A
Ardell Demi Luvies Lashes, Price N/A
Sexy Marilyn Wig, $31.99

With Twisty the Clown from “American Horror Story: Freak Show” causing controversy and the recent reports of clowns spooking California residents, we have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot more of these freakishly creepy costumes this Halloween. Pulling off this clown face requires just a few face-painting items but a LOT of creativity. Just remember to have fun with it!

Achieve this look with:
Clown Stack Cream MU, $10
Powder, $19
Woochie Clown Nose, $7
Super Sealer, $12
Afro Wig, Price N/A

So, there you have it: five looks you can easily achieve with the help of Cinema Secrets’ products and tips! To save yourself some cash, use the promo code “CC20” when you buy products in-store or online—you’ll get 20 percent off!

Cinema Secrets is located at 4400 Riverside Drive, #110 in Burbank, Calif., 91505. For more information, call 818.846.0579 or visit

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