Sweet high school senior Chris Brander (Ryan Reynolds in a fat suit) was in love with Jamie Palamino (Amy Smart), but he never found his way out of the dreaded friend zone. Fast-forward 10 years, and Chris returns home as a big-shot music exec with a fat chip on his much slimmer shoulder. And that’s a shame, because the chubby guy was so much more fun – and not even because he was chubby.

Just Friends’ opening act is funny and painfully empathetic, but the arrival of slim Chris careens us into a predictable but completely illogical "love" story with an unlikable leading man, some forced sight gags and way too much screaming and yelling. The only real bright spot, post-fat suit: Anna Faris, who is annoying but funny as one of Brander’s idiotic pop star clients (think Ashlee Simpson with Lindsay Lohan’s gift of inarticulation).

Extras: Nine behind-the-scenes features, crew commentary, deleted/alternate scenes, bloopers, music video.

Grade: B-