Imagine this scenario: It's around lunch time on a Wednesday, and you're starving. Unfortunately, when you open your fridge in your campus apartment, all that's left is stale pizza and already-opened beer. Sadly, you realize you might have to just wait until dinner to figure something out...

But wait.

You remember there's a club fair on campus today! Sure, you can check out all of the cool organizations, but that's not the only reason why you're going. You're going to get some NON-stale pizza that one of the clubs is sure to pass out. Not only will this pizza be edible, it will also be a FREE lunch. And, you have USC Free Food to thank for finding you that lunch.

Launched in September by two USC students, USC Free Food is a website that helps students find free food on campus. It started from a USC Free Food Facebook group, and as Neon Tommy reports, it grew from there.

"It’s really hard to find events," co-creator Hannah Kim told the USC-affiliated news website. "You have to exert a lot of effort."

It's a genius concept. Instead of wandering around campus, hopelessly looking for food or spending your last dining dollars or spending cash on something to eat, this website will lead you to various places around campus that are offering free food to students. Workshops, marketing panels, concerts, food fairs -- you'd be surprised by how many campus events and activities offer food to guests and participants.