The Internet loves making fun of college students in the form of man-on-the-street interviews. There are multiple videos where "reporters" or "petitioners" have asked college students about important topics in history and current events, and the students completely bomb them.

Now, another video showcasing college students' unbelievable cluelessness is circulating. This time, the students reportedly go to Virginia Tech, and they have no idea who won the Civil War ("The South?"), what country America gained its independence from ("I have no idea") and who the vice president is ("Is that, like, a trick question?").

But, per usual, the students showcased their brilliant knowledge in pop culture references. When asked what show Snooki is from, many of them knew it was "Jersey Shore."

And in case you were wondering, the answers to the important questions are: the Union (North),  Great Britain and Joe Biden.


[h/t BroBible]