On the Tumblr page "But What Was She Wearing: Stop the Cat Call," women have been sharing their stories and submitting photos of what they wore when they were catcalled. Created by Kati Heng, the page documents what street harassment really looks like.

When you scroll through the site, you'll quickly come to a conclusion: Women get catcalled all the time no matter what they're wearing.

For example, one woman wrote about being hit on while she was wearing a hijab. Another recalled a time she was catcalled after rugby practice, with mud in her hair and "wearing running capris with men’s shorts over the top and a big men’s workout shirt." And another woman sent in a photo of herself in a modest skirt. While she was wearing it, a man "hanging out of his driver’s window" said, “Heyyy girlfriend, you lookin gooooooood today.”

The point of the page is to not only document women's catcalling experiences, but to also stress that it shouldn't matter what a woman is wearing; no one deserves to be harassed on the street. Victim blaming is unacceptable.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Heng said, "So often, when women try to talk about the harassment we face, we’re met with that stupid question, ‘What were you wearing?’ as if WE are the ones responsible for what happened to us. By having the selfies of what we were wearing upfront, it takes the question away, forcing people to get past it and just read the stories.” 

[h/t Buzzfeed]