WATCH: Fake Drunk Woman Sees if She'll Meet Disgusting or Decent Men in Hollywood
(Credit: YouTube)

Walking down any street in Los Angeles by yourself while super drunk is a huge no-no for women. Unfortunately, it puts us at risk for being harassed by creepy-ass men. It's sad, but that's the reality. And this video, which was first posted on Total Frat Move, confirms this fact (assuming that the video isn't staged, of course).

In this social experiment, a young woman pretends to be drunk on Hollywood Boulevard (bless her heart) to see if any strangers will help her find a bus to Culver City or act totally disgusting and try to hit on her. As predicted, most of the strangers are disgusting.

The first sketchy man she encounters prevents her from stumbling, grabs her hands and tries to lead her to his house. He even brags about having a waterbed, even though the man is clearly over the age of 12. The second one seems to be kinda decent; he tries to stop her from drinking, supposedly points her to the bus stop and helps her down the stairs. 

But that little bit of hope in humanity is crushed when the third guy also tries to take her back to his house, claiming he "just wants to help her so much." Gag!

Watch the full video above to see how other strangers reacted.

[h/t Jezebel]