To find out which powerhouse university's football team--USC or UCLA--rules Los Angeles, there are a couple of approaches you can take. You can analyze a program's long history and legacy, or you can take a look at the current season to see which school is dominating.

Or, you can simply tally up drink orders from Messhall Kitchen.

The Los Feliz "new American" cuisine gastro tavern is trying to predict the winner in college football's favorite crosstown rivalry based on drink orders. They're serving up two USC/UCLA-themed, deliciously looking drinks. The first drink is called USC's Red Rush, and it contains bourbon, honey, lemon and raspberries. The second is UCLA's Bees Knees, a gin, honey, lemon and blueberry concoction.

Whichever drink people order the most of between Nov. 17 and the rivalry game on Nov. 22, that will determine L.A.'s "favorite" team. And, it will hopefully put the debate to rest (but of course it won't).