College students typically look for love outside of the classroom, but at Ball State University, these students looked for sparks inside the classroom.

The project was called Cardinal Chemistry, and it was part of the university's leadership and communication class. Students picked this project to see if they could make two people fall in love.

"I want to be a student-driven instructor," instructor Mary Moore told Bloomberg Businessweek, "and get students to think critically, build connections to different things as they study leadership, and apply it to what they're doing."

Here's how it went down: Three men in the class became "bachelors," and the class held a mixer for the men to choose their "bachelorettes." Then, the three couples went on dates, including a trip to Panera Bread (yum!), a pumpkin patch, and the men even made the three women dinner.

Even though two couples have since broken up, the project was considered a success. After all, two of the students had their first kiss. Congrats, kiddos!