In 2011, Variety magazine named him as one of the Top 10 Comics to Watch. Fast-forward three years, and Chris D’Elia is proving the critics right with his hilarious jokes about Drake, Justin Bieber, drunk girls and more.

The Los Angeles-native comedian became a regular at the Hollywood Comedy Clubs, where he performs multiple times a week. In 2013, Comedy Central released his one-hour standup special “White Male, Black Comic,” and he has also appeared on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and “Comedy Central Presents.” D’Elia previously starred opposite Whitney Cummings on NBC’s multi-camera comedy series “Whitney,” and you can currently catch him on NBC’s “Undateable.”

But if you want to catch him in person, you’ll have to head over to L.A.’s Wiltern Theater, which will be hosting D'Elia's “Under No Influence” comedy tour on Dec. 13. He will be performing twice that night, at 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

D’Elia picked “Under No Influence” as the name for his tour because he doesn’t drink or smoke. “It's not even a decision I made,” he told Tampa Bay’s Creative Loafing. “I just feel like I haven't done it yet." This fall, the comedian has been taking his sober routine across country, hitting up multiple cities with his outrageous, wacky jokes.

So far, D’Elia’s performances seem to have gone over quite well among the college crowd. Taking into account the praising reviews he has accumulated thus far from various outlets, D'Elia's upcoming show at the Wiltern will surely be a great stress relief for students who are overwhelmed with daily college life.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s the Daily Cardinal said his set contained honest, funny material that had the college-aged crowd laughing uncontrollably:

A heavy chunk of his set consisted of breaking down the theory that everything men do in life, they do to have sex with women. Drawing parallels such as buying cars, getting a job and going out on dates had the majority of the young, male audience in stitches.

At the end of his hour-long set, he received a standing ovation.

And the student paper at the University of Oregon wrote about D’Elia’s “unexpected and hard-hitting” jokes that covered topics such as dramatic girls and sex. He successfully brings these topics to a line, reads the Daily Emerald, dances around them for a bit, and then blatantly passes it into a realm of laughable exaggeration.

In his interview with Creative Loafing, D’Elia further explained he has no writing process. “I just kind of think of the stuff during the day and kind of have an idea, and if it works, then I'll do it on stage,” he said. He also added, “I just try to find the humor in the day-to-day.”

This relatable, truthful humor is what makes D’Elia a favorite among the 18 to 35 demographic. Those looking for an escape, or a reason to procrastinate from studying for finals, would benefit from attending one of D’Elia’s upcoming shows in L.A. next month.

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