To all the fellas who may be a little sensitive about their penis size: Bigger does not always equal better. We learned this from a panel of college sex columnists.

The panel appeared on HuffPost Live to discuss the truth about the myth that women really, really care about penis endowment.

"When it comes to penis size, there are huge standards for men, huge standards," said University of Oregon's Daily Emerald sex columnist Katherine Marrone. "And I think it's unfortunate."

She makes the point that penis size preference varies from woman to woman, and the vagina is something that stretches accordingly to whatever is put inside. "It's not that bigger penis size equals better pleasure, necessarily...and it's important to not put those standards on people and make people feel bad about their bodies if they don't have an 8-inch penis."

The panel also delved into painful sex, which some women do experience when a man's penis is too big.

In a survey, "a lot of women were extremely self-conscious" about this, explained Boni Mata, a sex columnist for the Daily Californian. For this reason, maybe it's time for everyone--men and women--to realize that bigger definitely isn't always better. "When men start realizing that often it does cause pain for women to be a little too well-endowed, maybe that would change the perspective."

[h/t HuffPost]