It’s that time of the year again. If you’re like many people I know, you despise holiday shopping not only because of the terrible L.A. traffic, lack of parking spots and rude holiday shoppers, but because you’re a terrible gift giver. Well this year, I’ve made your task somewhat easier.

Below are a list of gifts suitable for, hopefully, almost every type of person in your life. From you parents to your friends, make sure you give everyone on your list something that will make them smile, cry or laugh hysterically! And keeping in mind that most students don’t have big budgets, we only picked gifts that are $50 or less.

Glam Screen ®
When I plastered this screen on my phone, I immediately became obsessed! Created by Kim Kardashian’s BFF Jonathan Cheban, the Glam Screen ® is basically a mirror you can easily attached to your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. No more squinty into a small handheld mirror; you can check your makeup in this easy-to-attach screen protector.
Where to Buy:, $24.99

Caboodle 10-Piece Bag Set
Caboodles are great organizers for the girl who has too much makeup, nail polish and hair products. This set comes with five cosmetic bags along with a loofa and small plastic containers for shampoo, conditioner, body wash or lotion. It’s the perfect gift for the woman who’s always traveling or has to endure a communal dorm shower.
Where to Buy: Wal-Mart,  $23.99

Chivas Skin Care’s Hefeweizen Beer Soap
Who knew you could make soap out of beer? The mother-daughter duo over at Chivas has created a new line of gentle soaps made with hefeweizen beer and goats milk. Don’t worry about smelling like a dive bar; these soaps leave behind a refreshing honey citrus scent.
Where to Buy:, $7

Lolita Shot Glasses
There’s something oh-so-cute about Lolita shot glasses. Each one is so unique and artistic that they act as fun kitchen or dorm decorations for students. Some adorable Christmas-themed shot glasses include the Hot Mama Too! Sexy Shooter, Tipsy Christmas Sexy Shooter and the Candy Cane Swirl Sexy Shooter. You should also check out the Christmas wine glasses ($24.85 each) if you have a self-proclaimed sommelier as a friend
Where to Buy: & some Hallmark stores, $14.95

Netflix Gift Card
Whether the recipient has a subscription or not, they can still use this gift card. Available in $30 or $60, the recipient can select the Netflix plan that works best for them, or they can apply lit to an existing subscription. Every college student needs to develop a healthy binge-watching habit—make sure your friend is caught up on “The Walking Dead” or “Scandal,” or have them prepared for “Friends,” which will start streaming Jan. 1, 2015!
Where to Buy: Visit to find a store near you.

Cards Against Humanity’s Ten Days of Kwanzaa or Whatever
If you and your friends enjoy playing Cards Against Humanity—the naughty, raunchy yet incredibly fun card game similar to Apples to Apples—then your friends will absolutely love this holiday gift special. Here’s how it works: Go to the website below and sign up a friend to receive 10 random gifts leading up to the holiday season for only $15! Last year, gift recipients received 12 pieces of bullshit that contained a puzzle—who knows what we’ll be getting this year?
Where to Buy:, $15

Power Rangers & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Underwear
Children TV shows from the ‘90s will always be classics. And chances are, you probably have a friend who’s still obsessed with shows like “The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and more. For a fun “gag” gift, buy your friend a cartoon-themed clothing item from their favorite ‘90s show. For example, these Power Rangers undies are cute for girls, and guys will laugh at these Ninja Turtle boxers.
Where to Buy:, Prices vary

Beyoncé Platinum Edition Box Set
Anyone who’s a member of Beyoncé’s army—known as her beehive—will be buzzing with excitement after opening her platinum edition box set. It’s a 2 CD/2 DVD limited edition package that includes two brand new songs, “7/11” and “Ring Off,” PLUS four new remixes, 14 songs and 17 videos! The DVD features live performances that chronicle her “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.” And, there’s a 2015 Beyoncé mini calendar, a must-have for the New Year.
Where to Buy: iTunes or Amazon, $24.99 or $26.99

Soapbox Holiday Bundle
This little holiday box will leave your recipient smelling and feeling good. Included in the set: Cinnamon Spice bar soap, Spearmint bar soap, Pomegranate body wash and Apple liquid hand soap. Soapbox’s mission is to give back, so with every purchase, the company will donate two bars of soap, one month of clean water and one year of vitamins to someone who needs it most. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!
Where to Buy:, $20

Chivas Skincare’s Vegan Lip Balm
This is another gem from the skincare line that specializes in goat milk. The Vegan Lip Balm glides on smooth, instantly hydrating and soothing lips. It leaves behind a faint tingling sensation (probably from the peppermint!) and is made with citrus and lavender oils—no beeswax or honey.
Where to Buy:, $6

Colorful Soapbox
Honestly, soap, body wash and lip balm are safe gifts—you can give them to anybody and everybody. The Soap Kitchen’s Colorful Soapbox includes two 4-ounce bars of fresh olive oil or shea butter soaps, a stick of all-natural lip balm and a mini loofah.
Where to Buy:, $28

Ladies, we all have that one friend who insists you carry her ID, lip gloss and credit cards because you have the bigger purse. If you’re tired of holding her crap, get her the jimmyCase as a stocking stuffer this Christmas. It’s a mahogany cell phone case with a protective silicone bumper. On the back of the case is a slot where you can hold up to six cards tight! Available for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Oh, and it comes in USC’s cardinal and gold colors too.
Where to Buy:, $39

Idina Menzel’s Holiday Wishes Album
Menzel’s voice stole our hearts last year in Disney’s Frozen. For those who are still singing “Let It Go,” see if they’ll switch their tunes after listening to Menzel’s holiday songs. My favorite renditions: opener “Do You Hear What I Hear,” “Baby It’s Cold Outside” with Michael Bublé and “All I Want for Christmas,” which surprisingly stacks up to the Mariah Carey’s early-90s holiday hit! Also, if you want to surprise your friend with tickets to see Menzel perform in person, go to on Friday, Dec. 5—the songstress will be making her way to L.A. on Oct. 3, 2015 at the Hollywood Bowl.
Where to Buy: Amazon, iTunes, etc., around $10-$12

Swiftwick’s Aspire Compression Socks
Earlier this year during Paris Fashion Week, the New York Times reported compression socks are all the rage right now. Sure, some brands are making them stylish, but Swiftwick’s socks are designed for comfort and moisture management. Runners, cyclists, hockey players, skiers and snowboarders will surely appreciate the sock’s ability to prevent blisters and hotspots. It’s just an added bonus that the Aspire socks come in fun colors such as Halo Green, Razzle Red and Crave Pink.
Where to Buy:, $13

Mini Buddha Board
If one of your college friends or your parents always seem to be stressed with school, work and life in general, get them this stress-reducing Buddha board. Even if they aren’t Buddhists, they’ll appreciate its peaceful effect. Basically, the gift recipient can paint on the board’s surface with water to create a design. Then, the art magically disappears, leaving behind a clean slate and a clear mind. It’s like doodling, but more Zen-like.
Where to Buy:, $14

Shepard Fairey “Elephant” iPad Case
Sure, this gift is a little bit out of my price comfort zone at almost $50, but I look at it like this: It’s basically two gifts in one. As an iPad case, it’s a practical gift for any iPad user. Its unique design, however, is what makes it stand out among all of the other boring cases. Contemporary street artist Shepard Fairey designed an intricate case with an elephant on it, one large pocket in the inside front cover and three smaller flat pockets. And even if you don’t know anyone who has an iPad, the case can work as a zip case for a sketchpad and supplies.
Where to Buy:, $48.50

Signed Book by Someone They Admire
And last but not least, here’s something you can give to mom and pops this year to thank them for all of the matriculation: a signed, autograph book. Now, this may seem impossible to find, but in L.A. there are book signings all the time. For example, is your parent a “Little House on the Prairie” fan? Actress and star Melissa Gilbert will be at The Grove in December signing her My Prairie Cookbook. If you know your parent admires an author, celebrity, musician, artist, etc., check their websites to see if they sell signed copies of their latest books.
Where to Buy: Varies