Smoky eyes are a popular look for the season. Here’s how to create them:

1. Begin by applying an eyelid primer, this will make the eye shadow stand out and last longer.

2. Press a small piece of adhesive tape on cloth to make it less sticky. Use the tape to make a guideline from the outer edge of your lower lash line toward the end of your eyebrow. This will help you achieve a sharp, clean edge.

3. Apply warm-toned eye shadows to the crease, using a blending brush in windshield wiper motions. I focus lighter shades from inner corner to outer corner and darker shades like plums and black mainly on the outer corner. Make sure to blend out all harsh edges.

4. For some holiday sparkle I add a loose shadow in Orange to the lid (NYX Cosmetics $3.) Tip: spray Mac’s Fix+ on a synthetic brush and apply. You can also use eye drops for this. It will make the loose shadow more vibrant.

5. For a more defined look run a black eyeliner on your top and bottom waterline.

6. Add some false eyelashes for extra volume if you like. To finish off the look, apply your favorite mascara!



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