When stressed with finals, group projects, presentations, etc., college students might feel inclined to whip out their phones and get their minds off of whatever is freaking them out. They text a friend, chat with mom, play games or browse through social media.

However, a new study from Kent State University suggests students should perhaps put their phones down, unless they want to become uptight and stress out even more.

According to Ohio.com, researchers examined 450 college students' cellphone habits, personalities and daily leisure activities. About 25 percent averaged more than 10 hours on their phones, and those who did "are more prone to boredom and don't have the social skills to entertain themselves with other activities." These heavy users also experienced significantly more leisure distress than others.

So instead of reaching for your phone, it might be better for your physical and mental health if you found a different way for you to escape from your daily pressures.