Facing student loans and worried about paying them off? Then you might want to reconsider your major.

A recent study by the Hamilton Project found that for some students, paying off their loans will be difficult because of their chosen major, reports TIME.

For some arts and humanities majors to service their loans, they would need more than 20 percent of their earnings in the first year of their career. However, median initial earnings for these graduates ranged from under $20,000.

Some drama and theater majors will pay 24 percent of earnings, while some business and math majors will pay only 12 percent or more.

To see how hard it might be for you to pay off your student loan, use the Undergraduate Student Loan Calculator. Enter you degree, debt, interest, term and earnings, and it will tell you what percentage of your monthly income you will have to pay for the first 10 years of your career.

[h/t TIME]