Few people put on a show quite like the Suicide Girls, and Angelinos know it.

Friday night, people packed the House of Blues, anxiously waiting for the touring burlesque troupe to take the stage. The crowd was demographically limitless, ranging from Suicide Girl wannabes who clearly wanted to be on stage with the burlesque dancers to 60-year-old men who undeniably just wanted to have a good time. I even spotted a few members of the Los Angeles Police Department. Clearly, the Suicide Girls’ show attracts a wide audience.

Their show, called Blackheart Burlesque, knows no bounds. At the beginning, the ladies came on state fully clothed, dressed in teddy bear costumes. But this is a burlesque show after all, so the girls eventually stripped down to pasties, leaving nothing to the imagination.

With many of them covered in tattoos, the ladies performed choreographed dances with feathers, a parade of lace and plenty of lingerie. Sure, this may sound like your typical burlesque show, but it’s not. What make this year’s Blackheart Burlesque tour unique are the routines, which incorporate some of our fanboy favorites: Star Wars, Harry Potter and more. Not only are these girls sexy, but their personalities shined on stage as well.

The occasional input from the DJ made some fans get 100 percent into the show. Most memorably, the female DJ yelled that watching the show made her "wet! Yes, I said wet!" And I’m sure a few of the male (or female) audience members would agree with her.

It’s fair to say that with the dancing audience and droves of happy onlookers, it was a night that none will soon forget.