What would Mrs. Jesus do? Let’s just say that, according to this compilation of Dan O’Shannon’s cartoons, what she would be completely annoying to hubby Jesus. You might even say she’d be a thorn in his, er, head.

Obviously, this book is not for those Christians who are overly sensitive about having a laugh, sometimes a raunchy one, at the expense of one of history’s most-revered figures. Blasphemy aside though, most readers will take the funnies here as harmless parody, and that is O’Shanon’s intent.

A former writer and producer working on sitcoms such as “Modern Family,” “Cheers” and “Frasier,” O’Shannon has a skewed sense of humor, period. Most of the cartoons, all of which picture Jesus on the cross while he’s being tormented by his wife or someone else, are funny. But just like the sitcoms O’Shannon has worked on, not every bit is a winner. A series of cartoons showing Mrs. J. in a hot tub and throwing a beach ball at Jesus seem humorless, as do others throughout the book.

Funny bits include Mrs. J. grilling Jesus about Mary Magdalene, wanting to know who she is after finding lots of calls to her on the couple’s phone bill. Then there’s a poke at social media where Jesus reveals that he only has 12 followers, and a series of cartoons where Jesus is mistaken for Tarzan. Mrs. J. gets in a few good quips too, like saying, “My husband thinks he’s God’s gift to the world.” Angels in various guises, an Egyptian god, lots of animals and even Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” character make appearances.

If you choose to read all the way through in one go, you’ll be done very quickly. But this is more of a bathroom-reader type of book that can be savored (or not!) in small doses.

Grade: C+