Los Angeles' all-female roller derby league, the Derby Dolls, finished the 2014 season over the weekend. After beating the Tough Cookies 133-130, the Sirens were crowned champions. But after the celebration comes the cold reality: The league must temporarily shut its doors as it tries to find a new Doll Factory to replace the location on W. Temple Street.

"Unfortunately given the current real estate market, it has been exceptionally difficult to find a location that meets our current needs as an organization," said the Derby Dolls in a newsletter. "We have some leads on a couple of great places and are confident that we’ll be moving to our new home soon, but at this time we need to close our doors to focus on restructuring the league."

In the meantime, the league will not be holding any bouts, but skaters will continue to practice in anticipation for the the league's re-opening.

"Once again, thank you so much for your support throughout these tough times. With you, we will push through the challenges to keep banked track roller derby alive in Los Angeles for years to come!"