Just in time to make your holiday photos of you by the Christmas tree look less basic, Instagram released five new filters: Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua. Consider this an early gift for all you selfie addicts.

We tested out the new filters on a photo of our latest issue (which is available now) and came up with examples on when you should use them:

You're in a somber mood and want to make a dreary, rainy day look even more dreary and rainy. There's nothing like a IG photo that matches your depressing, bleak mood.

You have too much foundation on, and the flash made your face look as white as a ghost's. It happens to all of us, myself included, and can be completely frustrating. This filter won't darken your face, but it can even out your skin tone and reduce the contrast between your face, shoulders and neck.

Your Christmas tree is looking a little dull, and the colorful ornaments aren't popping out enough. Praise baby Jesus because Ludwig is here to give your tree a halo of brightness and a dash more color. The filter finds the colors in your photo and gives them a little umph!

Depending on how the light hits your face in the photo, this filter can also be great if you're pale and want to appear to have a glowing tan during winter.

But the greatest thing about Ludwig is that it's not an obvious filter; you can barely tell we used a filter on our cover (see photo above).

You went a little crazy with the self-tanner, and you resemble Paris Hilton circa 2003. This won't get rid of your tan altogether, but Aden does mute pigments a bit, so your tan will seem less glaring. But if you went really overboard, just use one of the black-and-white filters: Inkwell or Willow.

You want your thrift shop outfit or antique book to look more vintage. Perpetua adds a blue-ish hue, which is great when you're aiming to be a little psychedelic in your pics.

So there you have it, IG users! Filter up a storm this holiday season by giving your photos a bit more spice, drama and, of course, perfection. After all, isn't that what Instagram is for?