When the HIV/AIDS pandemic hit, stigma and fear surrounded the disease. Most college students were probably unaware of this, however, as they were not a part of that early '80s generation.

But, what are their views on the disease now?

Jarrett Way from HIV Equal went up to students from the University of North Texas to get their thoughts. Here are some of the quotes he gathered:

"“It’s just kind of a looming thing. We definitely know about it but we don’t talk about it, and I guess that’s pretty ignorant when you think about it.” –Josh D., Senior

“I’m pretty aware of it, I’d say more than most other college students. I know people who have been affected, and I see how a little education and action could have prevented them from going through a lot of trouble.” –Liz F., Sophomore

But are students aware on how to prevent transmitting HIV and STIs?

"Yes, but when they get in the heat of the moment I think we tend to not care, which is hazardous. Personally, that’s what happens to me. It might take a scare for some of us to be a little better about using some of them.” –Josh F., Freshman

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