“Will you party with the Liks?” After listening to some of the newest Firewater tracks, you will. Get ready to “drink, smoke and party yo’ ass off” with beats bangin’ so hard the Liks say you might be askin’ for aspirin.

But don’t be quick to think Firewater is filled with nothing but the traditional sounds of hip hop. “The Get Down” also reveals their own personal thoughts about women, cars, clubs, shoes and guns, yet when you listen closely to the lyrics of “Drink Wit Us” you’ll hear one of the members happily confess, “I ain’t sellin’ dope or braggin’ ‘bout how many times I’m a shoot ya.”

Check out tracks like “Poverty’s Paradise” and “Do It” for tips on making it through the struggles of life and hustlin’ to follow through with your dreams. And playback “Drink Wit Us” again to hear the Liks throwing out more than 50 shot-outs to their favorite celebrity bar buddies like E-40, Deftones and Busta Rhymes because, according to tha Alkaholiks, it seems like the only person they haven’t drank with “is Kanye West … and he’s next.”

Grade: B