Dogs. They truly are mans best friend, aren’t they? Loyal and compassionate, dogs will pamper you with all the affection they have in them to give. So, why not give them a little something extra back?

Taking cues from Hollywood, many Angelinos are finding that giving your dog his or her own style with a unique wardrobe the best way to show you care.

From Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie to Hugh Heffner’s “The Girls Next Door,” many celebrities are turning to the 4-year-old company Hip Doggie to dress-up their pup.

As a designer for her college pom team in the ‘80s, Sue Kim began designing professionally for an upscale missy sportswear line and later selling cheerleading uniforms to schools. But it wasn’t until meeting her boyfriend, that she became inspired to put her designs on dogs as well.

“My boyfriend has a three legged chocolate lab that loves clothes. Russ thinks it may remind Little Tiny of the wrap from when her front leg was amputated,” she says. “I just thought the tee’s were cute and the dogs love the attention and some dogs love the comfort and warmth of the clothes,” she says.

What began as a hobby has since grown into a full-fledged business that, today, is in high demand.

“Customers are actually demanding that dog fashions to be as versatile and as fast changing as women’s fashions,” Kim says.

Sold mostly through upscale doggie boutiques and online, the designs offer options for virtually every doggie personality. There are hot rod jackets for the tough biker dogs, and for the sporty dogs there are jerseys – just to name a few. From coats and sweaters to tanks and tee’s, Hip Doggie even features dresses and suits for the most sophisticated of dogs.

“The ballerina dress with a real tutu is a favorite by everyone,” Yun says.

Above all, the thing that Kim says makes Hip Doggie stand out is the quality.

“Dogs wear through their clothes much faster than people so the real inexpensive items, made overseas fall apart very fast. Hip Doggie is the most reasonably priced, upscale designs made in the U.S.,” she says.

But the best part about it all, Kim says, is that “dogs give us unconditional love, and we can love them back this way as well.”

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