Feb 6th, 2015 marked what would have been Bob Marley's 70th birthday.

On Wednesday night, Ziggy Marley entered the room with acclaimed KCRW DJ Anne Litt at The Grammy Museum ready to talk about Easy Skanking in Boston '78, a film of previously unreleased footage. This new release was taken by an anonymous person filming on reel to reel. It drops the viewer in an intimate point of view, as if you almost transcended time and space landing right in front of Bob Marley himself.

I felt as if I was there, in Boston, 1978; I even got chills while I swayed to the music. Looking around, I was happy to see that the entire room felt the same trandscendant, grooving vibe.

Ziggy explained that in this rare footage, Bob was in a highly open, creative space. "Bob was always comfortable with expressing," said Ziggy. "Never holding back and he was always real. Every motion, every gesture it wasn't fake, it was real."

The film also has some incredible animation, expressing the music through art to fill the gaps in the reel to reel footage. But it doesn't take away from the music because of course, that's the most important part. "No Woman No Cry," "Jammin'" and "Exodus" are just a few of the amazing songs coupled with extraordinary animation.

In honor of Bob's milestone woulde-be birthday, the Marley family is planning a year long celebration. Honor the late king of JAH by picking up a copy of the never-before-seen footage. Then sit back, relax and enjoy because everything is gonna be alright!

Bob Marley and The Wailers - Easy Skanking in Boston '78 is available now on Blu-ray/cd combo pack, dvd/cd and stand-alone cd