If Big City Rock's vocalist Nate Bott is anything like the characters he portrays in song he must be pretty easy to get along with, especially if you happen to be his love interest.

Bott really does the limbo for his girl on "Sink" where he offers to "Kiss the feet of businessmen/If I knew that you'd hired them." Honey, get this guy to the jewelry store! But don't be completely fooled the repentance expressed in

" I Believe in You," although delivered with a straight face, is no doubt meant to secure a session of hot make-up sex.

Bott and his four band mates have been honing their chops on the L.A. scene for about five years now and some of the songs here ("Better Place," "Human," "They Won't Mind") have appeared on various, now out-of-press EPs or in live versions on iTunes and are all nicely done on this refreshing major-label debut.

Grade: B