You probably didn’t learn this in math class, but one-half of Quasi is equal to one-third of Sleater-Kinney. Janet Weiss plays in both entities and she and her band mate in Quasi, Sam Coomes, have toured as the back-up band for the dearly departed Elliot Smith.

None of these fractions and factoids prepares you for what you hear as the sum total of Quasi. When the Going Gets Dark kicks off with “Alice the Goon,” a nonsense-lyric ode to (apparently) taking acid that borrows from the Jimi Hendrix songbook for its intro. “The Rhino” opens with a manic blaze of discordant piano and the title cut references Joan of Arc, the Milky Way and of course, getting drunk.

Coomes handles the vocals, occasionally drifting into falsetto over this enjoyable mix of art/grunge/psychedelic. Weird but not too far out, Quasi mostly spares listeners the typical boy-meets-girl scenario and gets down to mental meat and potatoes.

Grade: B