It’s funny and cute to watch two 11-year-olds fall in love because (a) it never lasts, even if they’re the last to realize it and (b) we’ve all been there. Little Manhattan is such a love story, featuring a typically neurotic boy (Josh Hutcherson as Gabe) and the girl (Charlie Ray as Rosemary) he both loves and mortally fears.

If you can set aside the fact that the kids are, for some reason, heavily privileged (though not spoiled), Manhattan is entirely genuine and truthful. The film’s funniest and sweetest moments share the same origin: We all know Gabe will survive this, even if he doesn’t know that, so it’s okay to laugh at him as well as root with him.

Manhattan knows this too, and that’s why, despite some contrivances, it works so well. Cynthia Nixon and Bradley Whitford also star as Gabe’s squabbling (but also not bratty) parents.

Extras: Director/screenwriter commentary, two behind-the-scenes features, deleted scenes.

Grade: B