Shooter Jennings’ roots have always been more rock than country (which he continues to celebrate by playing a Flying V guitar – unheard of in country music), but he has also been able to find a balance between the two like no other artist recording in present day country-rock music.

On Electric Rodeo, Shooter’s fine second record, he takes Kenny Chesney’s pop-country beach barbecue cheese and shoots it full of drink and drugs, long nights and fast women. He instills the spirit of his late father and pays him respect in a few of these newer songs, but he has actually begun to create his own legacy.

On this record, Shooter and his band excel in classic country blues, rock and imagery especially on songs like “Aviators” and “Little White Lines.” His voice is still harboring its break-out moment, but it is as liberating as Waylon’s was when he first started recording.

Upon first listen, there is no road-trip classic like “4th of July,” his hit from last year, but there are a lot fewer derivative moments in the record throughout. Overall, the record is laced with a few more road miles, a few more beers and a much more mature sound that proves Shooter is currently on his way towards becoming a country-rock legend. Family tradition …

Grade: B