Raging Waters’ new Aqua Rocket made its debut Memorial Day weekend. Aqua Rocket is the state’s first water coaster, featuring a new generation of hydromagnetic technology.

“Imagine the adrenaline rush of a roller coaster and the thrills and spills of a water ride,” said General Manager Chris Thomas. “Aqua Rocket is a blend of a roller coaster and log flume.”

Aqua Rocket takes a four-person raft uphill, just like a theme park coaster, for a series of breathtaking drops, including one from nearly five stories high. The breakthrough hydromagnetic technology uses linear induction motors to generate powerful electromagnetic fields that propel the steel-bottomed rafts uphill.

“The ride begins upon entering the station and preparing for launch. A team of four is loaded into a raft and the ascent of 235-feet begins. Once at the top, you drop 55-feet at accelerating speeds over 30 mph. You will then rocket back uphill and down again, twisting and turning. Each launch and seat offers an exciting experience,” Thomas added. “It is one of my favorite rides. What’s better than an uphill blast, fast turns, and a successful splashdown?”

The new water coaster will be the largest single investment Raging Waters has ever made, and is one of only a handful of such rides in the nation.

“We know Aqua Rocket will immediately become the most popular ride at the park,” Thomas added. “Raging Waters is already California’s Largest Water Park…and it just got bigger!”

Raging Waters is now open daily through Sept. 7, 2015. One Day Tickets are available to purchase at ragingwaters.com. However, with so much to look forward to this summer, one day may not be enough! The Weekday Pass, good for any day Monday through Friday, is only $54.99 and is available for a limited time – now through June 14, 2015. For just $10 more, the Standard Pass is $64.99 and includes fun pass perks such as, one Bring-A-Friend Ticket, in-park discounts and more.