Jean Gilkyson (Jennifer Lopez) and her daughter (Becca Gardner) are low on options after fleeing an abusive relationship, and the only feasible destination appears to be the rustic home of her dead former husband’s curmudgeonly father (Robert Redford), who hasn’t quite forgiven his former daughter-in-law for the events that led to his son’s death. Pretty awkward.

An Unfinished Life is one of those films that’s worth seeing if you’re in a “glass half-full” mood, because while the players are rich with detail, the play itself often falls on the trite side. Credit goes to Lopez and Gardner for giving life to characters that might otherwise be forgettable on paper, but extra credit with a smiley face and a gold star go to Redford, who abandons his leading-man veneer with jarring ability, and Morgan Freeman, who provides the story’s glue as Redford’s recently disabled best friend.

Extras: Crew commentary, two behind-the-scenes features. Grade: B+