Intense firefights. Last-second bomb defusing. Assassination plots. High-impact car chases. Terrorist attacks. A body count that quickly escalates. It’s just another day in the life of counterterrorism super-agent Jack Bauer, the protagonist of Fox’s hit TV show “24.”

Everything that is wonderful about the TV show has been meticulously re-created for the game. Instead of simply retelling events fans of the show have already watched, this high-octane title tells a new day’s events that occur between seasons 2 and 3 and features the likenesses and voice acting of the entire cast. The production is decent, nailing the feel of the show.

While the story and presentation are top-flight, the actual gameplay is not. The action is loaded with plenty of diversity, but not a lot of quality. You’ll play a handful of different characters and face an array of challenges. The game is primarily a third-person shooter, but you’ll also hack into computer systems, put the pedal to the metal, flooring it through city streets, snipe enemy gunmen and race against the clock.

The controls are just too unpolished to make it worthwhile, though. Movements are flaky, and aiming is far too loose. Sometimes, I got into a tight firefight where I couldn’t hit a terrorist a few feet in front of me. And the driving missions are worse.

With a little more polish, “24” could have been spectacular. As is, it’s strictly fodder reserved only for die-hard Jack Bauer fans. © 2006, Detroit Free Press. Distributed by Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Services.