Black Moses is a British power-trio led by Jim Jones, the former vocalist for Thee Hypnotics. Royal Stink starts off with the royal rock ‘n' roll, butt-whipping of “Can't Breathe (Turkey Neck),” an homage to early Who, where you can easily picture Jones wind-milling his guitar while drummer David Axford pounds the skins like a madman.

Jones dips into the fertile blues bag to find most of his guitar licks, borrowing from the American genre the same way many U.K. bands have over the years. “She Got the Moves” boogies like an old Foghat track, tasty blues harp and a Led Zeppelin rhythm flavor “Better Believe” and Axford's wall-o-drums recall older Who on “Royal Stink.”

For all the obvious influences on display here, it's surprising that nothing is so derivative as to wax hackneyed. All this good stuff makes you wonder how hard these guys kick live.

Grade: A