In 2004, Canada’s Controller.Controller released their EP, History, to the sounds of its fellow countrymen’s shoes hitting the dance floors. It took a while for the band to follow up with another release, but finally late last year in Canada and this year in the U.S., the Toronto quintet have let fly their debut album, X-Amounts. Though riding on the coattails of what’s been called “post-punk new wave” has spelled oblivion for many less talented, less brave acts, Controller’s sound is reminiscent yet defiantly fresh. The group effortlessly coalesce drumstick upstrokes with electric sparks of amplified guitar for a uniquely introspective, but ultimately danceable sound. X-Amounts opens up slowly with the James Bond-like intrigue of “Tigers Not Daughters” that builds into a soft-shoe disco shuffle before leading into the more upbeat and feverishly catchy “PF.” “Heavy as a Heart” has singer Nirmala Basnayake recalling Debbie Harry while drummer Jeff Scheven provides a sturdy anchor to properly shake asses to. The guitar work of Colwyn Llewellyn-Thomas and Scott Kaija is locked in a blistered-finger symbiosis that dances in unison around Scheven’s beats and Ronnie Morris’ punctuating basslines. Album closer, “Magnetic Strip” provides sing-along ease welded to toe-tapping stability. You’ll definitely be humming it in the shower. If you like to dance, this one is mandatory. Grade: A