Rock ’n’ roll has been de-boned, de-veined and left lifeless in the wake of another corporate cloning project. Bands appear like bubonic sores on the flesh and leave the fetid mark of unoriginality. But there are bright spots like a group of guys from New Jersey who call themselves, Rye Coalition: The Hard Luck 5. The guys from Rye don’t care about politics, dressing nice or coiffing hair; just playing loud, getting chicks and quaffing beers. Produced by Dave Grohl, their latest release, Curses, doesn’t just show hints of classic rock influence, it blasts ‘70s like a Zeppelin-crazed howitzer. Album opener, “Pussyfootin’,” is a raging, no-frills glam masterpiece that KISS would have had a hard time keeping up with in its heyday. Rye singer, Ralph Cuseglio, does his best Bon Scott impersonation and achieves uncanny results. On “Clutch the Pearls,” a swinging Jimmy Page-like guitar precedes an explosion into full-blown rock riffage. The humorously titled, “Between I-Roc and a Hard Place,” sounds like a missing track from Aerosmith’s Toys in the Attic album, and “Vietnam Veterinarian” features a chorus of cheerleaders enthusiastically inquiring “We’ve got spirit, how ‘bout you?” Saving themselves from being cheesy by not taking themselves too seriously, the members of Rye Coalition remind rock fans out there that this is rock and roll and it can’t fail when it’s done the way these guys lay it down. Grade: A