Aside from that first bathing suit try-on at the closing of a pasty white winter, there are few fashion horrors as great as squeezing into the all-mighty jean. And since denim is such a wardrobe staple in summer, spring, winter and fall, most women have the luxury of being tortured by the jeans monster year-round. This is why 99.9 percent of all dieters' goals include getting back into their “skinny jeans” – nothing feels better than a pair of jeans that fit like a glove and make you look incredible.

Such is the goal of Paige Premium Denim designer, Paige Adams-Gellar, whose bum you may not recognize at first but have undoubtedly seen before. Adams-Gellar is one of L.A.'s most famous fit models. When designers are creating jeans for brands such as Seven and True Religion, they use fit models to mold the jeans after.  

After years of having her rear sought after by fashion's top denim designers, Adams-Gellar became restless in the world of modeling and contemplated what would really make her happy in life. “I've always had a tremendous amount of creative passion and I didn't really have an outlet for that,” she says.   “I've always loved fashion and I've always dealt with body issues.”  

She had a desire to create wearable designs for women of all sizes, “[To] develop things that I think are beautiful and hope that other people like was my initial goal. I worked for a lot of male designers and while I was fitting it would be so hard for me to stifle myself from saying ‘But I would never wear that! It just isn't practical or it makes your hips look so big,'” she laughs. “And now that I love designing so much I can't see it stopping here, I definitely want to do more than denim.”

A year and a half ago Adams-Gellar opened up her own denim business, Paige Premium Denim, to offer couture styles of jeans that would squash negative body images and make every woman feel amazing.

“I wanted to design jeans that made the women who wear them feel good about their body,” she explains. “Overall the idea was to come up with a jean that doesn't wear you, a jean that you wear. I didn't want there to be that fashion trauma of ‘I hate myself when I try on a pair of jeans' and ‘I hate my body.'”

Being a heavy child and teen (friends and family used to call her “Pudgy Paige”), Adams-Gellar can definitely relate to the image problems that plague many women. “Over the years I've had enough trauma of my own with my body and my insecurities. Trying on denim can be a dangerous beast and you can leave just feeling awful about yourself,” she sympathizes. “What I try to do with this line is listen to what people want and listen to the complaints that people have about jeans and how they fit and try to come up with something that they would like.”

As a designer, Adams-Gellar can appreciate the trends that infiltrate Hollywood. But make no mistake about it – she is a leader, not a follower when it comes to the rapidly fleeting fads. “I love to pay attention to what the stars are wearing and I love to look at the trends,” she says.

She doesn't, however, consider herself an overly trendy person. “When I see a trend I don't want to follow it through over the top. I like to look at what celebrities are wearing and think about adapting it my way. Overall, I look forward to possibly starting the trend that the celebrities want to wear.

“I want to see what other people have done and then find something unique. I don't want to be like everybody else, I want to be better than other people and always strive to be the best.”

Since her opening, Adams-Gellar's jeans have been pampering the booties of so many celebrities she has lost count: Gracing the covers of Cosmo on Hillary Duff, Mandy Moore on Glamour , and frequently being singled out as celebs' (like Britney Spears and Jessica Alba) favorite designer jeans.

When you've had this much success in less than two years of business what is left to dream about? “If Princess Grace were alive today and I could put her in a wardrobe of today I think she'd be somebody that I'd love to dress,” she says.

Proudly flaunting her “Girl Power” mantra in the form of sleek denim, Adams-Gellar hopes to relay her inspirational messages to women through her designs. “The message I want to get across is to love your body and learn to be comfortable with your body and not to fight it. I think sometimes when there's something that's so trendy out there and you have to have it and you put it on and it doesn't suit your body – that doesn't mean you're not OK,” she explains.  

“I think there's something for everybody out there and every person needs to find their own personal style that they feel comfortable in and not keep chasing what everybody else has. Sometimes I have to say that to myself.”

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