The production team of James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy call themselves DFA, which stands for Death From Above. Fun Down Below might be a more appropriate moniker though as the duo issue a “happy feet” edict with their take on “Another Excuse” by Soulwax and “Dance to the Underground” by Radio 4; these two instrumental ravers clock in at a combined 17 minutes.

DFA leave the cutesy (and sometimes strained) vocals of Kathleen Hanna mixed up high on Le Tigre's “Deceptacon” and take a similar tack as the cartoon kids of Gorillaz join the dance with an extra funky and extra long mix of “Dare.”

Cuts from Fischerspooner, the Chemical Brothers, Blues Explosion and Metro Area also get special spins from Murphy and Goldsworthy while the sweet vocals of Hot Chip close out Chapter One with the tentative love song, “(Just like We) Breakdown.”

Grade: B