Created by brothers Noah and Trevor Mayer, DRUNK STONED OR STUPID [A Party Game] launched in November of 2015. With pre-sales of 50,000 and positive word of mouth, the game has become a bestseller at such retail locations as Kitson, Urban Outfitters and Spencer’s. Noah Mayer is a senior at Chapman University, majoring in Screenwriting. Trevor Mayer — an alumnus of Chapman University as well, where he majored in Business — works at an investment company in Los Angeles, CA.

How did you come up with the concept for your new game, DRUNK STONED OR STUPID? [Noah] It all started with a phone call from my dad. He’s worked in Book Publishing his whole life so he’s always noticing new trends with products/books/games etc. He noticed that everything coming out seemed to have something to do with being Drunk or Stoned. From there we added the “Stupid” and we realized we had an amazing title but we didn’t know what yet. We played around with some ideas then I proposed the very basic “Most likely to…” concept that we have today!

Were the game cards inspired by actual ‘drunk, stoned, or just plain stupid’ acts of any of your friends? [Noah] There are definitely some… I’m not naming names here. I’m also not ruling out that some of these cards are us. Let’s keep it a mystery. That’s more fun and less shameful for everyone involved, isn’t it?

Would you be willing to let us in on some drunk, stoned, or stupid acts of your own? [Noah] On my 21st birthday I jumped down a half-flight of (carpeted) stairs because a buddy of mine told me to. Maybe wasn’t the smartest idea but hey, now I know I can if I ever need to again.

The game comes with 250 cards. Do you each have favorites? [Noah] I’ve always loved “Just wants to cuddle” and “Is down for anything as long as it’s drugs.” I can’t say why I love these cards so much, I just do.

As you’ve mentioned, fans of the game came up with card suggestions for the next edition. What criteria do you have for picking the right cards? [Trevor] There are a surprising number of factors we use to pick cards. Some of the criteria would include: how funny is the card just from reading it, how well would this play with a wide group of people (men/women, young/old, different regions) and whether we like it of course!

How do you explain your game’s word-of-mouth, quick-soaring popularity? In our high-tech age, how do you explain the enduring appeal of card games? [Trevor] One of the coolest things about our game is that you have to share it with friends. That is probably why it has taken off so fast because if one person buys the game and has an awesome time with a group of friends, then one of those friends will want to buy it and play it with another group of friends. In an age where we are so obsessed with technology, it is so nice to just sit down with your best friends and be present in that moment. Our game is just a conduit for you to spend quality time with your friends.

What’s next for DRUNK STONED OR STUPID? [Noah] There’s a lot on the horizon but first things first we have several expansion packs in the works.

About the Creators:

Trevor Mayer is a Marketing and Client Services Associate at a small investment management firm in Los Angeles. He graduated from Chapman University in Orange, CA, in 2012, with a B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. In his free time, he enjoys surfing, skiing, traveling and cooking. Noah Mayer is a senior Creative Writing and Television major at Chapman University. In his free time, Noah is a surfer, cook, aspiring filmmaker and a golf enthusiast trying to beat his dad. For more information, visit the Drunk Stoned or Stupid website on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram