NBA player Mason Plumlee of the Portland Trail Blazers is also a dedicated “Call of Duty” player. We got a chance to ask him about his experiences with the franchise and what he’s looking forward to the most in “Call of Duty: Black Ops III.”

According to Plumlee, he’s been playing “Call of Duty” ever since his college days, and he’s enjoyed the growth and evolution of the series as a whole. Here is the text transcript of our full interview, in which Plumlee talks about playing “Call of Duty” with his brothers, his preferred play style, his excitement for “Black Ops 3” and more.

Q: How long have you been playing “Call of Duty”?

A: I started playing in college, mainly because I have two brothers that play it too. They’re a lot better than me at the whole video games thing but we used to play all of the multiplayer together. It was fun because in the early days there wasn’t really all this online stuff so you could just talk smack to the person sitting in the same room as you. The online stuff is nice though since, even though I’m all over the country, we can still play together.

Q: Do you ever play “Call of Duty” when you’re on the road?

A: I just play when I’m at home. My brother has a portable suitcase for his console that he likes to carry around, but I don’t have one of those.

Q: Who’s the best “Call of Duty” player in your family?

A: Hehe, my little brother Marshall definitely. He loves talking smack while he plays.

Q: Do you ever play the campaign, or do just stick mainly to multiplayer?

A: Honestly, I just stick mainly with the multiplayer. I have played some of the campaigns before but I didn’t play the campaigns for the last two or so games.

Q: Did you get a chance to try out the recent “Black Ops 3” beta? And if so, what did you think?

A: I haven’t gotten to play it yet, but I think (Treyarch) is sending me a copy so I’m excited to try it.

Q: What have you heard about “Black Ops 3” and what are you looking forward to trying out the most?

A: I don’t know much, but I like how they constantly tweak things like the maps and layouts and stuff like that.

Q: What about the Zombies mode? This time it’s going to have a film noir setting straight out of the 1930s.

A: The Zombies modes have always been my favorite aspect of the series, mainly because if you’re the sort of player who likes to binge play, you can really get into it. It’s really easy to just go all night playing Zombies.

Q: So you’ve done some really long “Call of Duty” sessions then?

A: Hehe. Oh yeah, for sure. And no I won’t admit for how long (laughs).

Q: Do you have a favorite “Call of Duty” game?

A: I’d say probably “Call of Duty: Black Ops,” the first one. That’s the one me and my brothers started playing together and got really into.

Q: What about a favorite weapons loadout or play style?

A: I usually stick with the pistols and go for headshots. I like to think of myself as a bit of a sniper, mainly because I really like being accurate. I don’t really like to just grab the machine guns and go crazy. Using the pistols, for me, makes it feel more realistic.

Q: You’ll probably like one of the new modes then, a mode where you die in one hit.

A: Oh really?

Q: Are you going to try and play “Black Ops 3” as soon as you get it?

A: Oh yeah, as soon as they send me a copy I’m going to get right on it.

Q: Does that mean another all-night gaming session is coming up?

A: Nah, I used to do that a lot in high school and college, but now I have to keep it down to maybe an hour or so at a time.

Q: Any last thoughts about “Call of Duty” before we let you go?

A: I mean, I love the series, I love the franchise, I’m excited to play this new game. And I hope to play more of them in the future.


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