Death in the Garden, Blood on the Flowers gives the impression that it could get pretty nasty, maybe even downright vile. But the post-breakup song sort of makes fun of the seriousness of most breakup songs, bouncing happily along with lyrics like, “I'm the worst boy you've ever had, had, had” while the instrumentation mimics a kazoo choir.

Singer Brian Canning can do a great dead-pan on blow-off songs but when he's happy he's just as convincing, like on the psychedelic wall-of-Beatles “Situation” or the sweeping synth nod to the Cure, “Jen, Nothing Matters to Me.” Aaron Burrows' quavering keyboard work on “I Want to Love You in my Room” has the band sounding like the Death Ray Davies with Gary Numan sitting in while “Care, I don't Care” appropriates the guitar hook from the Who's “Can't Explain.” Lots of influences here but nothing is even close to being a rip-off.

Grade: B+