There was a time the genre known as metal was purer than the meth coming out of the labs in San Berdoo. Innovation meant stuff that sounded good, not how unintelligibly you could scream. If any band can prove that its record collection is loaded with material from that time, it may just be Sweden's, One Man Army and the Undead Quartet. Twenty-first Century Killing Machine will definitely leave any listener with an earful of metal that harkens back to ye olden days.

Fronted by Johan Lindstrand, One Man Army's method of “metal now, ask questions later” tends to induce a nostalgic headbanging right from kick-off. The aptly-titled opener, “Killing Machine” is just that, slaying the legitimacy of scrawny little screamo punks with immediate face-ripping, galloping guitars, chest-thumping double bass, courtesy of drummer Marek Dobrowolski, and classic metal shredding guitar solo by guitarist Mikael Lagerblad.

After slowing the pace just a bit for “Hell is for Heroes,” the Quartet picks it back up with a vengeance on “When Hatred Comes to Life,” which has Dobrowolski playing an inhumanly fast double bass pattern.

Lindstrand's vocals become a weak spot as the album drives on, however. Not showing much in terms of range, going from full bore throat shredding to just above a whisper scratching, the vocals are never truly clear. But nonetheless, this is as classic as metal can get these days. Play loud, bang head.

Grade: B