Chris Whitley's work has always had an eerie quality to it thanks to his whiskey 'n' gravel vocals. This release is even more haunting knowing that it was finished mere months before the singer went to the great beyond as a victim to lung cancer.

Starting off with an unlikely (but terrific) cover of Iggy Pop's “I Wanna be Your Dog,” Whitley quickly moves in a bluesier direction with a Rockpile-esque take on Willie Dixon's “Bring it on Home” and the mournful violin and slide guitar laden near-instrumental “Inn.” Other covers include a nod to Led Zeppelin with the Flaming Lips' “Mountain Side” and a down-tempo version of Gary Numan's “Are Friends Electric.”

The players of the Bastard Club support Whitley with lots of extra guitar, lap steel, blues harp and vibes and everyone has a chance to stretch out on the lengthy blues cut, “All Beauty Taken From You in This Life Remains Forever.” Too bad this disc is a farewell note, as it seems Whitley had really hit his stride.

Grade: A