As season two of "Rescue Me" kicks off, Tommy (series co-creator and star Denis Leary) has bolted from his old fire company and landed at a firehouse in Staten Island. Too bad, because he needs his old mates (Jack McGee, Daniel Sunjata, John Scurti and more) just about as much as they‚re starting to need him.

"Rescue Me" is about firefighting much like"Nip/Tuck" is about plastic surgery and „Scrubs‰ is about medicine. The occupation plays a role, but it‚s only a piece of a much larger puzzle. What makes this show unique, beyond how polished its characters and scripts are, is its ability to be so overtly funny, scary, dark, heartwarming and heartbreaking in any single episode without ever compromising credibility. There may not be another show on TV that so expertly touches so many human ups and downs with such extreme reach as this one.

Contents: 13 episodes, six behind-the-scenes features, deleted/extended scenes, bloopers, season three preview.

Grade: A