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Horror movie lovers and thrill seekers alike will shriek with terror and joy about the line up of frightful entertainment at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. Six cult classics – American Horror Story, The Exorcist: The Possession of Regan MacNeil, Freddy vs. Jason: Dream Battle, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Blood Brothers, Halloween, Krampus: The Christmas Devil and The Walking Dead - take the stage with fright filled mazes ensuring terror at every turn.  Grab a friend and prepare to scream your head off as machete and chainsaw wielding maniacs follow you around the park reminding you that death, mayhem and terror are all around you.

If you’re a connoisseur of the horror genre than Halloween Horror Nights 2016 packs the punch you’re looking for. Virtually every horror franchise is represented this year combining old standbys with new favorites from TV and the movies.

The Mazes

Start off by walking through the most popular maze of the event - the American Horror Story maze - where you will recognize scenes from Murder House, Freak Show and Hotel. Watch out for the monster in the mattress and the equally frightening Rubberman and Countess!

You shouldn’t miss The Exorcist maze. This lengthy maze is terrifying and thorough taking you through the movie from start to finish with each new room. You’ll experience scenes from the movie like Reagan spider walking on the ceiling, head spinning, vomit spewing demons and levitation!  Every Halloween party has to include Freddy and Jason – much like peanut butter and jelly – they just go together.

Freddy vs. Jason: Dream Battle brings together the biggest horror icons in history: Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street and Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th – the maze increases in intensity and fright factor as it progresses and you’ll be searching for an escape path when the killers join forces and team up to take you out!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Blood Brothers has you coming face to face with manic killer Leatherface and his equally deranged brother, Chop Top – vendors at the Last Chance Barbecue Joint might try to entice you with some lovely human flavored pork chops or perhaps you’d prefer to peruse the fine art on the walls – there’s a particularly lovely sculpture featuring stitched-together human bodies. Don’t stare too long or you might not notice Leatherface approaching you with a chainsaw ready to make you the next item on the menu!

The Krampus maze is quickly becoming a crowd favorite. Murderous gingerbread men run amok making you wish you hadn’t enjoyed eating them so much last December. You might also find yourself checking your kids toys twice at night after encountering the man eating jack in the box stashed in the attic! This Christmas themed maniacal monster maze is demonic at its best!

Halloween Horror Nights wouldn’t be complete without a maze from the movie Halloween. Michael Myers lurks in every corner and many of your favorite scenes are recreated before your eyes. From his murderous rampage through the hospital to his homecoming and fiery, burnt demise – you witness it all in stunning reality.

Finally – make sure to visit The Walking Dead maze – it’s amazingly life like or “undead” like. Zombie walkers join you in the maze as you try to avoid becoming their next meal.  The lighting sound effects and animation in this maze are out of this world since it is a permanent attraction in the park. You’ll also find lines are usually shorter for this maze!

Other Attractions

Once you’ve had your fill of walking – or walkers – hop on for a ride on the Terror Tram presented by Eli Roth – you’ll venture into the studio backlot where you must watch out for Hollywood Harry, a clown who turned to the dark murderous side when the calls for kids parties stopped coming. Just as you begin to enjoy the respite – you’re dropped off in a eerie circus sideshow where Hollywood Harry and his misfit crew of castoffs decide just what carnival games to torture you with.

A single theme connects all of the experiences with “The Purge” happening all around you – the government has declared killing crimes legal for 12 hours and merciless killers wander the park reminding you that The Purge is everywhere, and there’s nowhere to hide. A trip through The Purge: Gauntlet of Death will have you wishing you’d skipped that hot dog earlier as there some things you just can’t unsee.

Guests will be delighted to hear that Universal’s most popular rides and attractions will remain open to guests, including “Transformers: The Ride-3D,” “Jurassic Park–In the Dark,” “The Simpsons Ride” and “Revenge of the Mummy–The Ride.”  Just beware of any unexpected seat mates among you!

Halloween Horror Nights 2016 takes the scares to a new level tying together all of our greatest fears in one setting. Face your fears and embrace the fun and excitement that this experience delivers. In its 2th season – Halloween just isn’t complete until you’ve encountered mass murderers chasing you through a theme park with bloody weapons and body part in tow.

Buying Tickets

Tickets to Halloween Horror Nights 2016 can be purchased HERE.  Diehard fans will want to purchase the Frequent Fear Pass which allows guests to visit multiple times throughout the event – may the scares never end.  Also available now is the all-new After 2 p.m. Day/Night Combo ticket which allows you to enjoy the park’s popular daytime attractions such as “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™,” “Despicable Me Minion Mayhem” and “Fast and Furious—Supercharged” which are only open by day, followed by the night time experience of the mazes and attractions located throughout the park during the terror of “Halloween Horror Nights” all for one admission price.

If waiting in lines isn’t your thing - you can purchase Front of the Line Tickets which gain you one-time priority access to all the mazes, attractions, the all-new Terror Tram presented by Eli Roth and the Jabbawockeez perfomance– a masked posing, popping, locking and break-dancing crew made up of the winners of the first season of “America’s Best Dance Crew”. Advance purchase for all tickets is recommended as event nights sell out regularly and quickly.

Halloween Horror Nights” runs the following dates through November 5: September 16, 17, 23, 24, 29, 30, October 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 and November 4 and 5, 2016.  Save up to $35.00 on tickets. Purchase here!