TORUK – The First Flight, the latest Cirque de Soleil experience inspired by James Cameron’s Avatar, is coming to Southern California for select dates in 2016 and 2017. Tickets are on sale now!  Written and directed by Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon, the team behind shows like Starmania, Continuum and DELIRIUM, promises audiences a stunning blend of theatre, film, dance, poetry, visual arts, music and sound.  The Morning Call  proclaims, “The show envelopes audience members and makes them truly feel they are in the imaginary world of Pandora.” Toruk promises a totally immersive experience, and the performers deliver on it. You’ll be taken on a storytelling odyssey through a new world of imagination, discovery, and possibility. Using a combination of state of the art visuals, puppetry and stagecraft accompanied by a riveting cinematic score, Cirque du Soleil fuses James Cameron’s imaginary world with the artistic and mind blowing feats Cirque du Soleil is known for.

Described as a living ode to the Na’vi’s symbiotic coexistence with nature and their belief in the basic interconnectedness of all living things, TORUK – The First Flight is narrated by a “Na’vi Storyteller” who guides you through a mythical tale set thousands of years before the events depicted in the film AVATAR, and long before any humans ever set foot on Pandora.

The story unfolds when a natural catastrophe threatens to destroy the sacred Tree of Souls. Two Omatikaya boys, Ralu and Entu, learn that Toruk can help them save the Tree of Souls. You join them on a quest high into the Floating Mountains along with the friends and characters they meet on the way.  They seek to find the mighty red and orange predator that rules the Pandoran sky. Prophecy is fulfilled when a pure soul rises among the clans to ride Toruk for the first time and save the Na’vi from a terrible fate. No detail is left unattended with this show – the entire stage is covered with an undulating fabric, which acts as a giant canvas for the scenes throughout the show. From ocean waves to flowing lava, you’ll want to reach out and touch it to see if it’s real.

You’ll marvel as drummers fly through the air above you while others swing on huge branches and flip through the air from the trampolines embedded below. The aerial silks routine is captivating and breathtaking – the twirling, spinning, and flipping will leave you dizzy with delight. Puppet animals add yet another element to the immersive experience. Viperwolves threaten the boys while Toruk flies above signaling impending doom.

The scene which leaves everyone talking has silk performers climbing a rock wall while it is crumbling below them from volcanic activity. Your heart stops as they struggle and fall on ropes as rocks fall around them. Suddenly, the wall collapses, water begins pouring out, and the entire stage is immersed.

The music, the performers and the narration is perfectly integrated creating a seamless show that flows beautifully. This limited engagement is one you’ll want to make sure you purchase tickets for in advance – they will sell out.

TORUK – The First Flight comes to Citizens Bank Arena in Ontario from November 2-6 and Staples Center in Los Angeles from November 11-13.  The show in Ontario is presented by Visa Signature®, and the show in Los Angeles is presented by Visa Signature® in association with Korean Air SKYPASS Visa®.

Tickets for Ontario Citizens Bank Arena can be purchased here!

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