Siamese Sex Show - A satirical romp of sex and intimacy

What does the future hold for sex? Blending Lady Gaga-esque popstar theatricality with Blade Runner’s dark comic vision, the world premiere of the Siamese Sex Show, the naughty pop musical which takes place in the dystopian future. The mysterious conglomerate Monocorp fabricates an epidemic condemning intimacy to profit from its “safe” new pseudo-sex product called the Love Light. At an underground "intimacy" speakeasy called “The Siamese Sex Show,” four fallen popstars gather in collusion to plan their revenge against Monocorp’s devious CEO. As the world teeters on the brink of destruction, can these unlikely heroes overcome their differences in time to stop Monocorp’s evil agenda? Siamese Sex Show opens at the Lounge Theatre in Hollywood on October 8, starring Dayna Alice Austin, Riccardo Berdini, Isaac Cruz, Jillian Easton, Janelle Dote, Eddie Gutierrez, Miki Holmes, Sean Leon, Alyssa Noto, Erin Rye, Cloie Wyatt Taylor, and Keith E. Wright.

Helmed by award-winning director Kiff Scholl, the Siamese Sex Show musical is coming off of recent hit workshops productions in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The musical includes rap lyrics from hip-hop legend Kool Keith, Mistah Fab, and J Diggs. Check out the music here:

The show humorously explores the importance of connecting and potential loss of intimacy in an increasingly technological world.

"Siamese Sex Show is a living comic book that satirizes pop music, technology, and of course sex,” says director Kiff Scholl. "Enter the underground world of the Siamese Sex Show — a sexy, shadowy, decadent futuristic cabaret that will keep you coming back for more.”

John Papageorge is a San Francisco-based music producer, technology entrepreneur and writer. He has worked with the major Hollywood film and record labels to launch entertainment properties leveraging emerging technologies. His stories on arts, culture, and technology have appeared in Rolling Stone, New York Times, and San Jose Mercury News. In addition, John has consulted for some of the biggest names in technology, including IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft, just to name a few. Siamese Sex Show is John's first musical.

Set design for Siamese Sex Show is by David Offner; lighting design is by Kelley Finn; projection design is by Yee Eun Nam; choreography is by April Thomas; costume design is by Michael Mullen; stage manager is Angie Estevez; associate producer is Victoria Watson; and producer is Racquel Lehrman, Theatre Planners.

Siamese Sex Show opens on Saturday, October 8 with subsequent performances on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m.; and Sundays at 7 p.m.; through November 13. The Lounge Theatre is located at 6201 Santa Monica Blvd. (east of Vine St.) in Hollywood. For reservations and information, call (323) 960-7738 or go to Like us on Facebook: