Ready to not only uncover the hilarious truth behind your friendships, but find out where their political allegiances lie? Now you can with the new political expansion pack for America’s newest party game, THE VOTING GAME (The Voting Game, LLC; $25.00; UPC#: 079346001699). The game is the brainchild of Tom Rohlf, who was inspired to make the game after creating the original version while at a music festival with friends. Following his friend’s advice to develop the game further, Tom, is thrilled to launch his four brand new expansion packs, featuring 100 additional cards each, releasing this summer!

THE VOTING GAME creates a hilarious game for discovering who your friends really are. With the Political Expansion Pack, a group of friends—from as few as four to a real crowd—decide who among them:

  • would miss the marijuana legalization rally because they were too high?
  • would run for president just to have sex in the White House?
  • would have a presidential campaign with the most smear campaigns?
  • would defriend someone because of their political stance?
  • would vote for Kanye West as president? …and more.

The fun of THE VOTING GAME is the interaction between your friends and who truly knows them best. But who doesn’t like a good, stupid party game now and then?!” Each round, vote anonymously for the player that is described best by the question put to the group. The votes are then tallied and the true nature of your friendships are revealed!

Since creating the game, Tom has been able to secure the product placement and expansion to include an iOS app this past May, an Android app launched in June, launched at Target in June, launched at Barnes and Nobel in September, and is available in 11 countries. The earlier version of the game was a hot item on Amazon having sold out twice. Popular Youtubers’ Zoella and Alfie Deyes played the game for their millions of followers and have over 2.5+ million views to date and 15+ million views over several other YouTube channels.