Campus Circle Online Media Kit
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Campus Circle is an online media company offering marketing and content solutions for advertisers to reach consumers in Los Angeles and other DMAs nationwide.  In it 26th year, Campus Circle covers the latest news, film, music and L.A. Culture.  Our client list includes studio and independent film distribution companies, higher educational institutions, record lables, theatre companies, festivals and events that come through Southern California.

For additional information, contact Sean Bello at (323) 823-8548 or via email at

Demographics of Campus Circle members.


18 to 34 - 30%

35 to 44 - 26%

45 to 54 - 20%

55+ - 20%


Female - 58%

Male - 42%


Caucasian - 56%

Hispanic - 14%

Asian - 9%

African American - 6


Marketing Solutions


(1) Banner Advertising – Desktop/Mobile

Google Display Network


Sizes – Costs (on

728x90 - $10.00 CPM

300x250 - $10.00 CPM

970x60 - $10.00 CPM

234x60 - $5.00 CPM

Banner advertising example – here.


(2) Email Campaigns

Campus Circle Email Database

Los Angeles: 33,000 members (Cost = $1,200.00)

National: 114,000 members (Cost = $4,000.00)

National College Email Campaigns – Costs available upon request

Email Example – here.


(3) Social Media

Creating original content. Campaign Example – here.

Placing and executing Facebook, Instagram and Twitter campaigns

Costs available upon request


(4) Street Marketing

Postering and Flyering in Los Angeles and

other top DMAs nationwide

Los Angeles – 10 areas of distribution (Cost = $2,500.00)

Campaign example - here.

Other Cities – Costs available upon request


(5) Retail Promotions – Los Angeles Only

Campaign example - here.

Costs available upon request


(6) Print Advertising (Los Angeles and Nationwide)

College Newspapers

Alternative Weeklies

Daily Newspapers

Monthly Publications

Military Newspaper

Costs available upon request


(7) Special Offer/Coupon Page - Campus Circle will host coupons or discount codes on our special offer page of our website.  The cost to host an offer is $1,500.00 per year ($125.00/month).  For campaign examples, visit here.


(8) Campaign Examples



Special Events


Government Services